Whether you are a nine-to-fiver or self-employed, there are some key things to know about the mortgage process.

Setting out on your home-buying journey can often leave you with lots of questions – the first being, where should I start? This week on the Through the Front Door podcast, Liz sits down with the Head of Originations in the Bank of Ireland, Rachel Bradshaw, to discuss all things mortgages.

Made in association with Glenveagh Homes, the weekly Through the Front Door podcast delves into the fundamentals of the home-buying process and gives listeners an audience with the experts.

Listen to this week’s episode here:

Multimedia Ireland · Everything a First-Time Buyer Needs to Know About Mortgages

Rachel oversees the teams that help customers from their initial mortgage inquiries right through to drawdown and ensures that each home buyer’s journey runs as smoothly as possible.

During their conversation, Rachel and Liz chat about some of the basics of getting mortgage-ready, along with the different options available for buyers.

“My advice would be, as soon as you’ve made that decision in your mind, we want to go and look for a property; that’s when you go and speak to the bank.”

Rachel advises not to wait and to really lean on the specialists, who are there to help guide you through the process.

“Remember that the mortgage specialist, it’s their role to bring you through this. They’re doing it day in, day out. They’re the experts. Use them. It’s a very rewarding job to bring somebody through that journey because it’s such a special time.”

Help to Buy

Rachel also recommends first-time buyers look into the Help To Buy scheme, especially those who have their hearts set on a new build.

“It’s a government scheme in place, which refunds some of the DIRT tax and income tax you have paid over the past four years. There are specific criteria that you have to meet to be eligible. Firstly, it applies to first-time buyers only. Secondly, you have to be purchasing a new build.”

“If you’re renting and you have childcare costs, it can be difficult to save for your deposit, so the help to buy scheme is there to help those customers.”

And there is some great news for first-time buyers who are interested in this scheme, as some exciting developments are currently in the works around Ireland. Click here to learn more.

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