About Liz

Hello! I’m Liz

House Hunter

My instinct and passion for property is inherent from a young age.  I was likely the only teenager who devoured the property pages in The Irish Times and Irish Independent every week for as long as I can remember and long before the World Wide Web came into our lives.

Identifying properties and helping and advising friends and family with purchases came first.  Then the first real property series hit our screens – Location, Location, Location (Channel 4) and along comes Kirstie Allsop, researching, advising and purchasing property for a variety of buyer’s and I thought to myself, ‘I can do that’, so I did!

My first business Get-Sorted launched in February 2002 two weeks after my second child Ellie was born.  Timing is everything right?  I also worked for a local estate agent on Saturdays showing homes for sale and was creative (Okay cheeky!) to insert my business material into the property brochures.  It worked a treat!

Business grew steadily, along with intrigue about my service.  Newspaper articles and radio interviews followed.  Nobody else was doing what I was doing, which is acting exclusively as an agent for the purchaser to source and negotiate their new home.

One gloomy Saturday in December while showing a home for sale, a camera crew arrives.  Ireland’s version of the Channel 4 series, House Hunters (Coco Television/RTE1) were filming the house I was showing.  Following a short conversation with the producer she asked me to do a piece to camera. ‘Sure’, I respond, ‘what would you like me to say?’, ‘describe the property’ she asks.  ‘Okay, no problem’, and off I take on a rant, eyes firmly glued down the lens!

Little did I know at the time, but that confident rant put me in pole position in becoming the new presenter for House Hunters and House Hunters in the Sun (RTE1).  A job which lasted seven seasons and one I loved!

Expert roles followed; property columns in national newspaper media (Evening Herald, Irish Mail on Sunday, Business Post) property pundit roles on both RTE1 and TV3 (Virgin Media), radio commentary (Newstalk) and appearing at exhibitions and events (Ideal Homes, The Holiday Show.)

I’ve been very lucky with the opportunities and experiences that came my way, assisting my career and business in the best possible way.

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My Approach & Values

I’m known as a straight shooter with a no nonsense approach to business. I enjoy doing fair and reasonable deals and I don’t see the point in prolonging a process unnecessarily. I love a negotiation that takes a property off the market swiftly and arriving at a deal that everyone is happy and comfortable with. I believe this approach has gained me respect, credibility and a trusting reputation within the property industry and with all the Estate Agents I know and frequently deal with.

My values are around honesty, being open in my views, opinions and giving the right advice. If a potential client still has unrealistic expectations following a consultation with me, I will not allow them to retain me as I cannot realistically guarantee that I can deliver their dreams! If a potential client is willing to listen, allows me to change the goal posts a little and lets me guide them through the process, I will find a solution.


My Experience

  • Ireland’s first Buyer’s Agent and with 20 years’ experience in acting exclusively for the purchaser.
  • A regular contributor and presenter on Television, Radio and Written media; House Hunters, House Hunters in the Sun, The Afternoon show (RTE1) – Ireland AM, Buyer’s Bootcamp (TV3 now Virgin Media), The Right Hook (Newstalk 106 FM radio) – The Evening Herald, The Irish Daily Mail, The Irish Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Business Post.
  • Moderator and Presenter – The Overseas Property Show, The Ideal Homes Exhibition, The Transition Year Show.

My Education

  • PG Creative Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Trinity College Dublin ’20 -‘21
  • HDip Public Relations – Public Relations Institute of Ireland
  • Irish Times Training – Creative Writing and Editing Skills / Sales, Customer Success & Negotiating Skills / Interview Skills